Reclaim Your Well-Being

Reclaiming your well-being is an act of love. It is the practice of choosing curiosity over judgment, offering compassion to your pain and suffering, and finding the courage to face your fears.


This is it.
Your one precious life.
How will you live it?

If you are here, I would guess you are interested in greater connection, freedom, and aliveness, free from reactivity, habitual patterns, and suffering.

Together we can do this. With mindfulness and compassion, we can reclaim your well-being.


People often come to me because they feel confused or scared, as they are facing a major transition in life, or experiencing groundlessness, grief, or loss. They may be anxious or fearful, weighed down by intrusive thoughts and beliefs, a strong inner critic, and life’s many challenges.

Others reach our for counseling sessions because symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, or low self-esteem or self-confidence have them feeling stuck and struggling.At those times, it can be difficult to trust yourself, other people, or even this moment in life.

It is normal for us to get stuck, to suffer, and close ourselves off from ourselves and others. Living this way, pushed and pulled by unconscious tendencies, disconnected from the present moment, and from your innate well-being, can feel exhausting, overwhelming, confusing, scary, or even shameful.

In our counseling sessions, we cultivate mindfulness of all our experiences, including pain, with an attitude of friendliness. We find relief from our suffering and return to our innate well-being.


I believe experiencing pain in life is inevitable. It is part of being human, it is universal. Yet, we try so hard to resist our painful experiences. When we do this, we are adding a layer of suffering. This added layer of suffering is optional and shows up as our creative strategies to avoid the reality of our lives.

We have a choice. We can make life more difficult by reacting to the painful moments we encounter, or we can begin to witness what hurts and choose to accept this human experience with compassion, building confidence that we can handle this moment as well as life’s future challenges.

Working together we slow down, pay attention, get curious, and bring care to all your experiences. You learn how to befriend your life, cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion, to be with your pain and suffering (self-criticism, shame, anxiety); bravely challenge habitual beliefs, thoughts, or perceptions; and harness the skills to deeply know what brings relief and is helpful.

This is the gateway to living in your skin again, embodied, reconnected to your energy, vitality, and aliveness, present in your life, and in connection with others and the world.


Together, we can meet what challenges you and build a new perspective, where life is workable and welcomed, so you can feel confident and pivot toward the richer, more fulfilling, and integrated life you value. I’d be honored to join you in your self-discovery process as you reclaim your well-being.

Feel free to connect with me for a 15-minute consultation to see if we are a fit

Bringing Compassion

“Dawn brings her compassion and deep understanding of what it means to struggle with different aspects of our lives and it is through this knowing that she offers insight and presence to those that she works with. I highly recommend Dawn as a counselor/therapist.”


Deb Azorsky

Extremely Patient & Listens

“Before working with Dawn, the little things in life were starting to get to me. Dawn is extremely patient and listens intently. Being heard and applying some of her strategies has helped me understand myself and my relationships better. Thanks, Dawn!”

Kristin Savory

Cares Deeply

“Dawn cares deeply about people’s well-being. She brings a compassionate, wise, and grounded presence to all of her relationships. Her training in mindfulness-based therapy traditions enhanced those qualities that she already possessed. She has helped me believe in my inherent sanity, be kinder to myself, and get through some of the biggest crises of my life. I wholeheartedly endorse Dawn as a therapist and healer.”

Brandon Twine